Do you want to discover and explore new places and see everything there is to see? Are you a trailblazer creating a path that others will gladly follow? Do  you have an adventurous spirit, and get excited about trying new things?
Where we are today is a result of the choices we have made. Our greatest freedom is our freedom to choose. We choose how we think, how we speak and what we do. We choose what we focus on, whether we’ll procrastinate today or take action toward our goals and dreams.
We choose to have fun or we choose to live a ho-hum life.  We choose to try new things or hold back in fear. If we are to succeed we must learn how to choose well. Our choices define our quality of life.
1. Choose your thrill. What is on your must see and must do list? What new, fun and bold experiences do you want to have?

2. Choose your comfort zone.  If you are one who is just beginning to dip your toe in the water find a risk taker and model their behavior. Who do you know that is spontanious and free, always piling life high on their plate with an extra dash of sprinkles on top? It doesn’t matter how wild or daring your adventure is, what matters is that you try something new. Start where you are and build your ‘bold muscles’ as you go. Take one bold baby step at a time and soon you will forget you ever had a comfort zone.

3. Choose a thirst for adventure. Do what makes your heart race. Go to an amusement park and head for the breathtaking rides. Be the first in your party to order the new item on the menu. Introduce yourself first at a networking event. Paint your living room a bold new color. Learn to flirt and make the first move. Don’t hold back. Be daring. Be first…every chance you get. Make new friends, go new places and learn new skills.

4. Choose to become a lover of life. How can you make each day the best day of your life? Learn to be bold in all areas. Take a different route to work. Try a different flavor of coffee. Look for opportunities to help others get ahead. Choose to be calm and happy. Let go of small irritations. Look for joy and laughter in every situation. Daydream. Be the life of the party. I dare you.

5. Choose to say, “Yes.” Do what have you always wanted but never dared try. Don’t fear risks. Take measured risks. Know that you will make mistakes, there will be embarrassing moments and you may fall flat on your face. If this happens get back up and learn from you mistakes. Latch on to what life has to offer. You miss 100% of the chances you never take.

6. What you will gain from increasing your adventure quotient:
- Self-belief and self-confidence
- Love for what makes you different
- You will learn to overcome your fears
- You will reap the benefits of taking action
- Independence of thought and action
- You’ll know and understand your strenghts and weaknesses
- You’ll possess courage