What are the benefits of being spontaneous?
1. New experiences. Being spontaneous exposes you to a whole new world of experiences that you would not have otherwise enjoyed.

2. Better relationships. Spontaneity can breathe new life into relationships that have become predictable.

3. Be noticed. Spontaneous people are considered exciting, adventurous, and fun.  They get noticed for doing the unexpected.

4. It’s interesting. A predictable life is a boring life.  Spontaneity welcomes the unknown and makes life more interesting.

5. Overcome shyness. Spontaneous people are rarely shy.  Learning to become more spontaneous can also help you overcome shyness.

6. Growth. Being spontaneous opens doors that would otherwise be closed, offering opportunities for growth.

7. Encourages flexibility. Sometimes spontaneous actions result in a disappointing outcome.  That’s okay.  Life can throw challenges your way sometimes.  Being spontaneous helps you prepare for those challenging times by teaching you to be flexible and go with the flow.

8. It’s fun! Most spontaneous acts are fun.  I don’t know anyone who dreams of spontaneously scrubbing the toilet.