1. You first of all have to learn to not be afraid of water. People who fear the water, their hearts since the freeze, it is possible to swim at all, you will not forget everything they learned. The water like this, these concerns can be a cause in the small as come to the big eyes and as they drowned in the water like this.
The best way to overcome , is to expose your face in the water more often. I take a bucket of water on your face, just take the courage, this can be done by asking someone to jump into the pool .

2. The second step,to learn how to relax your body. Our body is made out of water most, that it floats logically it should be very easy. Our weight is heavier than water still, if you do not know how to swim, we cause as a result we still sink. Tension that our body also stand up to the worst time. That's why we will ask the person to relax when the safety guard of them rescue them.
If you want to know swimming for No, swimming must learn to loosen your body difference. This is related to fear as there is a tendency to tense up we are afraid mainly. The best way to do this is to ask your friend for what you would float to balance your body in the water and believe in yourself.

3. The next part is learning the way you breathe when you are in the water. The basic steps, is on the water head to me, and I had to breathe when you breathe out when it is in the water in your head. Many beginners, when an element is referred to as being on the water is my head, you tend to make mistakes of external respiration and in when holding the breath underwater. This is not only wrong, but because it is not taking in enough oxygen, you get tired quickly and well.
A simple way to practice this is to stand in the swimming pool with your head above the water. To enter the water and then inhale. Raise on top of the water and breathe out there in the water once. And it does this by repeated myself so familiar.

4. After you have learned the breathing, it's time to learn how to kick in the water. You can start kicking do it by holding the edge of the swimming pool. You have to be able to kick is not reversed in a way like you, and float your entire body in the water. I want to float just you, but you do proper kick, if you take some practice, this part is not too difficult.

5. Once you every step further, had done it's time to combine them all and start swimming. Since you got to get all the steps on the right, this is the hardest part for all people to learn swimming for the first time. When you shake your arms, at the same time kicking your feet without water or fear, you must be breathing correctly. If you do all that right, you congratulations are swimming.
Source: sportsnev.com