Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? Below are few steps that are required to write, shoot and edit your own movie.

1. You need to come up with an idea for your movie. Unless you have an imagination the size of Oceania, this will be the hardest part. You could base the film on a popular fairy tale (ie. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast), Make a documentary (or, come to that, a spoof documentary; a film about what cuddly toys get up to when kids leave the bedroom, for instance), or come up with your own thing. Often it is best not to rush the creative process - give yourself time to come up with an idea. Also keep in mind your budget and limited resources; if all you have is a camera and a few actors don't try to make a futuristic action film.

2. Determine what kind of sets, props, costume and actors will be required for your idea and determine whether or not it is possible. It is a bit beyond the budgets of most people to film in a replica space-station, for instance.

3. Secure your actors, props, costumes and locations. If you need a toy violin, borrow one. Ask your granny if she can come over to play the wicked old witch. Get permission to shoot in your sister's bedroom.

4. Prepare your set. Often, it is best to allocate about an hour to do this before your cast arrive. Lighting needs to be sorted out, for one. Also, make sure you have removed any items that are inappropriate to the movie. It is not likely to find a Game Boy on a table in Victorian Britain.

5. Film. A tripod is a good idea most of the time, as it is surprising how much hands can shake. Only take it off the tripod if you absolutely need to do a handheld shot. Feel free to be a little fancy with some of your shots and techniques and camera movements; you may surprise yourself and others with your talent in this regard. But also be sure to get plenty of plain, stationary shots to safeguard, just in case you don't have the talent for fancy techniques.

6. Once the filming is over, and the footage is transferred to a computer, you need to edit. A movie-editing program that comes free with your computer, i.e. Windows movie maker or iMovie, should be fine for this. Many plugins are widely available on the internet that can enhance your video and audio