The seven engineering feats that took place during the Industrial Revolution:
1.The SS Great Easter: It was considered to be the largest ship ever built at the time of its 1858 launch.

2.The Brooklyn Bridge: Taking over 13 years to construct and completed in 1883 at 5989 feet long, made the Brooklyn Bridge at the time the longest bridge in the world.

3.Bell Rock Lighthouse: Located in the North Sea across from the coast of Angus, Scotland is the Bell Rock Lighthouse, which is the oldest sea washed lighthouse in the world.

4.The London Sewerage System ( during the early 19th century)

5.The Panama Canal: The Panama Canal is one of the largest most difficult engineering feats ever to have been built in the world.

6.The First Transcontinental Railroad: Also known as the "Pacific Railroad", the First Transcontinental Railroad was the first rail system to connect the Eastern and Western seaboards.

7.The Hoover Dam: Located on the border of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam was considered to be the largest concrete structure ever built in the world.