The Hong Kong Harbor, now known as Victoria Harbor, is located in China between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. The name was changed to Victoria Harbor to represent a fleet of ships that docked there that belonged to Queen Victoria. This harbor, due to its location in the south, was favored by the British to be used as one of the largest ports for trade. Over the years the shore has undergone enormous change.

People are attracted to the harbor because it offers a beautiful scenic view of Hong Kong. This area displays spectacular fireworks during the second night of the lunar year and thus is a very popular location for tourists and locals alike. It is also used for recreation like swimming and water polo.

Starting in 1970, Victoria Harbor experienced many years of bad pollution due to the quick expansion of the manufacturing sector. Because of this many activities in the bay ceased. Today the harbor is very well maintained by the government of China and Hong Kong attracts many new and old visitors. The harbor is also fully engaged in trade and is still the best and the largest harbor in Hong Kong.