The Holyrood Palace is currently the official residence of the Monarch of the United Kingdom. It is located at the bottom of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, on the opposite end of the Edinburgh Castle. Holyrood Abbey was founded by David I, King of Scots in 1128, and Holyrood Palace has served as the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 15th century. Queen Elizabeth II spends one week in residence at Holyrood Palace at the beginning of each summer, where she carries out a range of official engagements and ceremonies. It's open to the public throughout the year, except when members of the Royal Family are in residence.

What is there to see at Holyrood Palace? You can visit the Royal Apartments, where the successive monarchs spent most of their time. You can see the monarchs' varying and changing tastes in design, and admire the decorated ceilings, splendid furnishings and their fine set of amazing Brussels tapestries. One room you wouldn't want to miss is the Great Gallery, where you can see portraits of the monarchs of Scotland, all by Jacob de Wat.
You may also visit the Palace gardens, depending on the time of the year. Today, the gardens are usually used for garden parties. You are allowed to visit the gardens as long as you walk on the paths, and these paths extend to around 400 yards long.