10 Photography Tips for a Couple’s Photo Session

1. COUPLES:  Research, research, research!
Before setting up a session with a particular photographer, make sure you know what “look” you are going for and what they are capable of producing. Browse through photographer portfolios and get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Check out engagement shots, wedding albums, and couple portfolios to get an idea of what’s out there.

2. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Get to know your couple – Avoid awkward shots.
This session is a very intimate one, and requires the couple to feel comfortable and confident. We’re not saying learn the couple’s favorite place to eat, but get to know their personalities! By talking with your couple and getting to know them a bit you will not only help them relax, but gather some useful data as well.

3. COUPLES: Come prepared.
We don’t suggest you show up in matching Mickey and Minnie sweatshirts, but try and coordinate a bit. Make sure you are both comfortable and complimentary. If one wants formal and the other wants a more casual shoot, try and meet in the middle so both of you are comfortable. If you decided on shooting in a wheat field, a tuxedo and high heels might look a bit out of place.
- Coordinate colors and avoid clashing patterns.
- Bring some eye catching accessories for close ups! E.g. Guys wear a cool tie that reflects your      personality. Ladies bring your sexy shoes or snap a sequence bow in your hair.
- DO NOT try out a new hair style or make-up product the day of the shoot because you may not like how it looks in photos. Stick with what you know!

4. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Continuous shooting and good conversation can go far.
Unless you’re photographing Victoria and David Beckham, chances are your couple is going to be nervous and new to shooting. Here’s what you do: Have your continuous shooting mode on and encourage the couple to talk and laugh. You can tell them some jokes or talk about how they met, whatever will help open them up. The pair will begin to relax and you will begin shooting. While in continuous shooting mode, you will probably snap at least one good shot out of a few dozen… now you show them that great shot.
*Remember: continuous shooting is also great for capturing kissing, laughter and movement or dancing!

5. COUPLES: Trust your photographer – it’s that simple.
They see things that you can’t, and they are going to do their best to make sure you and your beau look fabulous. Don’t be embarrassed to try things your photographer tells you, chances are, you will love how it looks on camera.

6. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Listen to your couple. They might be on to something…
Your couple may not have spent years training to become a professional photographer, but they might have some great ideas you’ve never thought of. Meanwhile, if they want to try something that you think of as worthless, there may be a particular reason – for instance, it’s an inside joke to them. So what if it’s not a photograph you feel the need to add to your portfolio, they might love it on their wall at home!

7. COUPLES: Bring some props!
We don’t mean swords, pirate hats, and toy drums, but a few accent props that help represent who you are as a couple. Here are some clever suggestions:
- Does she love a certain type of flower? Bring one!
- Bring your pet – He can add fun to your shoot and make you feel right at home.
- Sports fans? Bring along your favorite team jerseys or piece of equipment.
- Any similar interests like action movies, country music, or traveling? Bring some small items that express your shared interest.

8.  PHOTOGRAPHERS: Experiment with perspectives, angles, and frames.
Try out some great perspectives that are very flattering for couple photo shoots.
- Above their heads looking downward (a bird’s eye view).
- Low on the ground, capturing the couple in the distance.
- Find frames between, under, and through objects. For instance use their hands, legs, rings, or some trees as frames.
- Snap some shots from each member’s perspective. E.g. taking a photo that looks like he’s behind the camera handing her the flower.

9.    PHOTOGRAPHERS: Remember your basics.
Don’t forget the photography 101 in capturing romantic photos:
- The “Golden Light” – early in the morning or around dusk.
- Be sure to get facial close-ups with the background “creamy” and out of focus.
- Let your lenses work for you!
- Try out a variety of affects to provide options for your couple. Be sure to play with the tints and aging of the photos.

10. COUPLES: You make a great team, now show it off!
We know successful relationships can be tough and involve a lot of work. It’s time you show off your hard work along with the amazing photos you’ve just taken.
- Have the photos from your special session enlarged and printed on to beautiful gallery wrapped canvas for your home.
- Scan  the older photos of you and your beau to combine them with the new shots. Use both the old and new photos make a stunning photo book to leave on display on your coffee table.
- Frame your photos and send them to your parents as gifts, they will love seeing you so happy!