Located in Pfronten, Bavaria in Germany, Waldseilgarten is an adventure mountain resort that offers guests a thrilling night in the wilderness. Nestled at the top of a mountain summit, daring guests can spend the night hanging off the tree tops, suspended over a cliff face, or within a hand built igloo.

During the warmer months, the resort hosts adventure nights out, where guests can sleep in their very own portaledge, hanging several meters above the ground. A portaledge is a deployable hanging tent system that is generally used by rock climbers on multiple day climbs. The hanging tent features a fabric-covered platform supported by a metal frame, that is suspended from a secured single point. At Waldseilgarten, the tents are suspended from thick branches of large free-standing trees, where guests can only ascend or descend with rope assistance.

Guests looking for more air and an extreme camping experience can choose to sleep on an overhanging platform, positioned amongst huge cliff faces measuring between 1000 and 2000 meters (3280 - 6562 ft) high. However, if that's just a little too extreme for your liking, the resort also offers easier sleeping options, including cliff platforms between 100 and 300 meters (328 - 984 ft) high, or tree platforms suspended between two or four trees, with easy descent to the ground at any time.

All guests partaking in an adventure night out will receive rope climbing training before spending a night in nature. Trained staff teach simple rope climbing techniques for ascending and descending the portaledges, and other useful skills for hiking and rock climbing. Toilet facilities are located a few minutes away from the the sleeping spots, but the local waterfall will have to suffice for a shower - a refreshing experience none the less!

In the winter months, campers can build their own igloo and sleep close to the summit. Warm clothing is essential, as the igloos are guaranteed to maintain an inside temperature of 3-4°C (37-39°F), regardless of the outside temperature. Resort activities include hiking, tree rope courses, archery, rock climbing and snow walking or skiing in the winter months.
Source: gizmag.com