It's Dinner Time....That special someone is coming over..What plan do you have to win there heart ? .....They do say the way to the heart is thru the Stomach ;)..lol..or something like that....How about a Romantic Dinner for Two.

Take a few minutes to plan your Evening...Romance is Soft Lights, Good Music and wonderful tasting food and lots of Time.
1. Set the Mood -Setting the mood is the first step to planning your Romantic Evening. Romantic moods can range to ...Sensuous, Erotic to Fun and Flirting..To Just getting to know you.

2. Pick the Right Place - Picking the Place is important for Romance, of course we don't want McDonalds Drive thru in the Mini Van ;)  If your going for Sensuous, or Erotic, try planning a Evening in with Finger Foods so you can feed each other, or Rent a Romantic Get Away with a beautiful View and order in.  If your not ready for that yet, Try a Picnic in the Park, Or a Resturant with a nice View....Watching a Sun Set or the Calmness of the water can help set a mood even with a hundred people around....not to mention a walk hand in hand along the water after dinner :)   Take time to find Romantic spots....Look around town....You'd be surprised what kind of Romantic places are in your own back yard, you don't have to Travel to the Beach or Mountians.

3. Plan your Menu
3.1 Hopelessly Romantic (great for couples just started to date)
Meal of pasta, preferably the classic spaghetti marinara.
Garlic bread ( So what, your both eatting it..lol...don't worry about it, bring some mints ..lol)
Spumoni or other Italian dessert.
Bottle of vintage wine.
White and red checked tablecloth.
Soft Italian music playing in the background.
3.2 At Home Romance
Pillows all around on your living room floor
Bed tray  filled with finger foods to feed each other.
A space for close dancing,
Soft Romantic Music.
3.3 Erotic
Cook something Spicy. Be sensitive to your partner's tolerance to spicy foods.
Bottle of Wine
Buy a Kama Sutra book for after dinner reading ;)
3.4 Fun & Flirty
Find a place near the ocean or water.
Prepare shrimp and/or a steak dinner.
Bottle of your favorite wine, chilled.
A Little oldies Music, something you both know so you can sing or reminisce.
Have your date either right at sunset or on a full moon.
Remember, Be creative.....Give thought to what your Partners Tastes. The key to creating the "ultimate" dinner is finding those tastes!

4.  Atmosphere - Time to Add the Mood Makers...hehehe...
Add Candles, Candles ,Candles......did I say Candles? Even little Tea Candles for a couple bucks bring out the flicker of Romance.
Good Music....Nothing like slow Romantic Music to help set the mood....Pick something to suit both your listening Tastes.
Chilled Wine or Champagne, or chilled drinks
Flowers...Flowers, Flowers....and remember, they don't have to be roses...
my personal favorite Carnations ;)
Take time to plan for Mood Makers....They make for a Romantic Touch to any Meal.

5.  Putting it All Together
Hand feed each other while eating.
Cook and/or prepare the meal together.
Get dressed up even if you're just staying home.
Try to include their favorite foods as much as possible.
Use scenery to create the perfect atmosphere.
Above all else, relax, enjoy a great conversation and have fun!
Source: cloudcreations.com