Make LOVE on a BEACH

7 Reasons People Who Love The Beach Are The Happiest People To Be Around

1. They’re low maintenance.
Beach-lovers are people who appreciate simple joys in life: beautiful views, the feel of the hot sun on their skin, a refreshing swim, an afternoon with friends. They are the happiest people to be around because it’s so easy to make them happy.

2. They crave adventure.
People who love going to the beach aren’t the stay-home-and-Netflix every night type. They want to go out and do something active. They are happier because they remember that everyday life should be fun.

3. But they also know how to be laid back.
All you have to do at the beach is lay in the sand and enjoy the sun. Beach-lovers know the true pleasure of leisure isn’t wasting a day in bed, it’s lounging somewhere beautiful that reminds you how blessed you are.

4. They can be happy on any budget.
The beach is free!

5. They know how to leave work at the office.
The beach is a great place to truly unplug from your life because screens don’t work that great in the sun so they usually stay tucked safely in your bag. A person who can stand to be unplugged from technology for a few hours is a much happier person than most people.

6. When you can handle things like sand creeping into your bathing bottoms,
you’re the kind of person who can deal with the unpleasantries of life without letting it get you down. Beach people know that a little mess or uncomfortableness is nothing to get frustrated or annoyed about. They don’t let the little things take away from their happiness.

7. They know how to be grateful for the little things.
There’s nothing fancy or trendy about a beach, it’s just beautiful, natural goodness. The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude and being thankful for sitting in a pretty place once in awhile is a grateful way to live.