When the weather's gorgeous, and you have the day off, there's nothing quite as delightful as a picnic. It doesn't take much to put one together, and you'll have a great time with family and friends! Here are some brief instructions on preparing for a picnic, along with a useful list that you can copy and modify to suit your own needs.
The Romantic Picnic For Two:

1. Plan your meal in advance. Have all the ingredients ready in advance, so you don't waste time at the grocery store.

2. Prepare foods that you all like. Think of things that are easily manageable, and don't require a lot of setup at the picnic grounds. You may all like fondue, but trying to get a fire going at the park may not be such a great idea.

3. Get a basket. There are wonderful ones to be found at craft stores, gift stores (especially those that sell wine packages), even some specialty grocery stores carry them.

4. Furnish based on the setting
- If your picnic is at the beach, make sure your blanket is big enough to keep the sand at bay, and that any chairs or cushions are sand- and water-proof.
- If you're going to a park, you might have a nice soft blanket, but also consider adding a waterproof tarp underneath. The grass may have been watered or damp.
- Cushions are nice to relax on if you have them. Some people like low chairs for comfort.
5. Bring the romance. Flowers, candles, even a pair of battery-powered speakers with nice music on your iPod can all set a wonderfully romantic mood. No boom-boxes, please. The idea is to keep it intimate, not start a block party.

6. Think about "just in case." As poet Robert Burns said so famously back in 1785, "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley," and it is just as true now as it was then. Plan ahead, and you'll not be scurrying for shelter.
- Just in case it gets cool, have a couple sweaters nearby.
- Just in case it rains, have an umbrella.
- Just in case the weather gets bad before you get there, have a backup plan.

7. Dress nicely. This is romance we're talking about here—showing up in cutoffs and a t-shirt may be great for an impromptu day at the beach, but if you're putting effort into building a special afternoon or evening, make it something to remember.