1. Hold the ball with your palm facing the ceiling, supporting it with the upper pad of your hand and your wrist, which must be stiff. Your fingers should not grip the ball. Your middle fingers should be sunk into their holes one knuckle deep. Rotate the ball counterclockwise until your thumb is positioned at the back of the ball, at six o'clock. Keep your right elbow pressed to your rib cage.
2. On your backswing, keep your arm close to your body so that when your arm comes forward, your elbow grazes the side of your torso. Keep your wrist stiff and your forearm facing forward as the ball comes through the "power zone" and passes your front foot.
3. At release, flick your wrist as you might flick a Frisbee or throw a football underhand if you wanted it to make a perfect spiral, using your middle and index fingers not to throw the ball but to help impart the spin so the ball tilts on its axis. Follow all the way through, and when the pins explode try to act cool.