Driving across America can be an experience of a lifetime. Small side trips to tourist attractions can fill your day, and relaxing in a different state each night is a fun way to enjoy regional cultures. But you'll want to plan ahead to avoid wrong turns and delays. If you do it right, you might find the journey to be the best part of your vacation.

1.Purchase a GPS unit if you don't already have one.
2.Map your route extensively before you leave. If you are going to be traveling on a holiday week, do your planning two or three weeks in advance. Plan each leg of your trip, including stops for lunch and what city you will sleep in each night.
3.Make hotel or motel reservations before you leave. You can often find Internet-only specials for chain motels and hotels, so check online to make reservations. Reserving a room ahead of time will eliminate unpleasant surprises when the city you're stopping in is holding a festival or convention that you didn't know about.
4.Bring entertainment. If you have satellite radio in your vehicle, set your preset buttons to the most enjoyable stations.
5.Pack healthy snacks in a cooler. Fruit, jerky, juice, water and granola bars can all help stave off hunger when you've got 50 miles or more to go before your next scheduled stop.
6.Wear comfortable clothes. If you are planning on enjoying local nightlife during your evening stops, make sure to have a change clothes from those you wear while driving
7.Know your limits. If you rarely drive farther than the local mall, don't plan on driving 12 hours each day. Plan rest stops into your schedule, including time to just sit and relax from driving.