Do 100 consecutive PUSHUPS

Learn to do 100 push ups in just 6 weeks

The Challenge
Balancing your body strength is important if you want to punch harder, perform well in gymnastics, feel more balanced or even have a good physique. A lot of people have difficulty performing a large number of consecutive push ups, even if they are fairly fit. Push ups are fantastic for your chest, abs, triceps, shoulders, torso and even your back muscles, so they shouldn't be underestimated as an effective exercise.

This challenge only requires about 15 mins a day (possibly less, depending on how quickly you can do them!) and you will be on your way to doing 100 consecutive push ups. As long as you consistently do the exercises and perform them properly by the end of this you should be able to do the 100.
It's important that you perform these sets 3 days a week, for 6 weeks. You need to exercise consistently and push your self each time to get the full effect of the exercise. Also, you should allow yourself the rest days - don't be tempted to overdo it and exercise every single day!

Remember to do a small warm up and stretching before you do these exercises.
Complete 5 sets of push ups, as shown below:
Set 1 - 10
Set 2 - 12
Set 3 - 7
Set 4 - 7
Set 5 - as many as you can do (at least 12)
On day 3, add 2 push ups to each set, and continue at the higher number for the rest of the week.

For days 1 and 2, warm up again and complete the following sets:
Set 1: 14
Set 2: 16
Set 3: 12
Set 4: 12
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 17)
On day 3, add 3 to each set again and continue at the higher rate.

Half way through the challenge!
On days 1 and 2, warm up again:
Set 1: 20
Set 2: 25
Set 3: 15
Set 4: 15
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 25)
On day 3, increase the set values:
Set 1; 22
Set 2: 30
Set 3: 20
Set 4: 20
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 28)

Week 4 is when you really need to start pushing that extra bit -  the set values change more regularly now to get you to your goal of 100.
Day 1:
Set 1: 21
Set 2: 25
Set 3: 21
Set 4: 21
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 32)
Day 2:
Set 1: 25
Set 2: 29
Set 3: 25
Set 4: 25
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 36)
Day 3:
Set 1: 29
Set 2: 33
Set 3: 29
Set 4: 29
Set 5: as many as you can (at least 40)

To vary it a little, the number of sets has increased, but the number of push ups in them has decreased. As always, warm up properly and ensure that you are doing the push ups correctly.
On day 1 and 2, complete the following sets:
Set 1: 19
Set 2: 29
Set 3: 22
Set 4: 22
Set 5: 18
Set 6: 18
Set 7: 22
Set 8: as many as you can (try for at least 50)
On day 3, increase all the set values by 2.

Increase the number of press ups by 1 in each set, until you're at 10, and then work back down. Your set values will be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. However, by this point and due to the new values, you should be taking much shorter breaks. Try doing the same number of sit ups in between the push up sets instead of resting!
Congratulations! If you just successfully did those exercises, you just completed 100 push ups! Why not test yourself on day 4 of week 6 to do them all at once?