Interesting facts:
1.Balloon pilots need a commercial pilot's license (fixed-wing). They must have at least 35 hours of flight instruction, attend ground school for basic aviation training, pass a written test for hot-air balloons and have a flight check from a Federal Aviation Administration official.

2.According to the FAA, balloons must meet air-traffic control requirements if they are in a controlled air-space, and pilots must have radio contact with controllers.

3.There are no official safety requirements for passengers, but passengers should know with whom they're flying and their qualifications.

4.Hot air balloons don't fly in the rain because balloon heat can cause water to boil atop the balloon, and boiling water destroys the fabric.
5.Area balloon operators can carry from two to 10 passengers at a time, depending on balloon size.
6.Ballooning is not a silent sport. There are some quiet moments, but those burners are noisy.
Source: racingsilverline.com