Learn to play GOLF

Many people get hooked on this game very quickly and spend the rest of their lives having fun and trying to master it.

Top 10 Golf Tips:

#1 - Your Golf Grip
Tip: The tighter you grip the golf club; the more the golf ball has a tendency to go off to the right. The looser you grip the golf club; the tendency will be for the golf ball to go off to the left.

#2 - Hold the Club Correctly
Lay the club handle on your palms and grasp the club with your thumbs facing down. Both hands should be touching each other. Choke down on the club if you do not want to hit the golf ball too far or choke up on the club for maximum distance.

#3 - Feet Position
Tip: Keep your feet in line with the ball. Lay your club at your feet so it is touching your toes. What direction is the club pointing to? This is the direction the ball will go if you hit the golf ball right.

#4 - Golf Stance
One way to tell if your stance is correct is to try to move your toes up and down as you are standing with the golf club. If you are leaning too far towards the golf ball you will not be able to move your feet. Likewise if you are leaning too far backwards you will have an easy time moving both feet up and down.

#5 - Coordinate Your Entire Body into the Swing
Pull back on your golf club keeping your hands straight as you pull back, turn your hips and legs slightly, follow back through on your downward swing turning your hips and legs back towards the golf ball and follow your swing all the way through in one motion.

#6 - Know Your Sweet Spot
Make sure you are hitting the ball square with your golf club. Depending on the club, the sweet spot of the club may be higher up on the face head of the club. You want to make contact with the ball at the bottom of your arc. Take practice swings with each club so you know where your sweet spot is.

#7 - Tee Height
Tip: The golf ball should be slightly higher than the center of the club face. If you are hitting underneath the ball, keep your chin up. If you are topping the ball, fix your posture and bend over a little bit more.

#8 - Timing
Tip: If your timing is off and your body's too quick, you'll go to the right. If your timing's off and your body's a little too slow, you might hook it. Make sure that your bottom part of the body is moving out of the way as your arms swing down.

#9 - Knees Flexed
Tip: Keep your knees slightly flexed and then bend from the hips.
In the golf swing, the knees never ever get straight in the backswing. They stay flexed the entire way.

#10 - Keep Your Eye on the Ball
This is the most fundamental tip that you need to be aware of for every golf shot. Keep your head down and your eyes on the ball.
Source: squidoo.com