Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about Harley Davidson
Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs.

Fact 1 - The Harley Davidson Company started in 1901 when William S Harley, Walter Davidson and Arthur Davidson engineered their first motorcycle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Fact 2 - The first Harley Davidson Motorcycle only had a very small engine (116 cc) and still had pedals (in a bicycle frame)

Fact 3 - In 1914, the Harley Davidson Company made sidecars available for their bikes

Fact 4 - There have been many different Harley Davidson models and variations since the company began, however they can generally be divided into five main ranges which are Sportsters, Softails, Touring models, Revolution models and Dynas

Fact 5 - Harley Davidson is also known as 'Harley' or 'HD' amongst its fans and followers

Fact 6 - Harley Davidson were awarded with ‘E awards’ from the US Army & Navy for excellence in production during critical wars during the 20th Century

Fact 7 - Harley Davidson today has its own fan clubs, website, regular events, restaurants (Las Vegas) and a museum (Menomonee River Valley)

Fact 8 - In 2010, a Harley Davidson XR1200 broke the long distance motorcycle jump world record, jumping 183.7 feet (a record that was once held by Evel Kneivel in 1975 & Bubba Blackwell in 1999)

Fact 9 - Harley Davidson introduced a Golf Cart in 1963 as a three wheeled machine (which later became four-wheeled) with a 245 cc dual cycle single cylinder engine (which used oil mixed with gas) and two seats

Fact 10 - The Harley Davidson museum gets over 300,000 annual visitors from all over the world

Fact 11 - Harley Davidson have ranges of clothing and apparel for men, women and even babies

Fact 12 - Harley Davidson Big V Twin motors were used from 1914

Fact 13 - Harley Davidson Sport motors have been used since 1919

Fact 14 - Harley Davidson Revolution motors have been used since 2002

Fact 15 - Their CVO program all have their own unique colour schemes, accessories and exclusive characteristics and are available for one year only
Source: findfast.org