Swim with a WHALE SHARK

10 places to swim with whale sharks
1. Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador
When: May - October; best month is July
Skill: Depends on the dive but strong currents make this region unsuitable for beginners
Do it: Aqua-Firma,Academy Bay Diving, Galextur, Scuba Galapagos

2. Ari and Baa Atolls, Maldives
When: May - December on the western side; December - April on the eastern side
Skill: Beginner to experienced; no SCUBA required
Do it: Maldives Dive Travel

3. Isla Mujeres, Mexico
When: May - September; the annual Whale Shark Festival typically takes place in mid-June
Skill: Beginner to experienced. SCUBA not permitted; snorkels only
Do it: Enrique’s Unique Dives, Searious Diving, Ceviche Tours

4. Ningaloo Reef, Australia
When: April - July
Skill: Beginner to experienced
Do it: Three Islands Whale Shark Dive, Ningaloo Dreaming, Ningaloo Blue Dive

5. Belize Barrier Reef, Belize
When: March - June
Skill: Beginner to experienced
Do it: Splash Dive Center, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort, Seahorse Dive Shop

6. Tofo, Mozambique
When: November - April
Skill: Beginner to experienced
Do it: SCUBA Mozambique, Diversity SCUBA

7. Donsol Bay, Philippines
When: February - April
Skill: Beginner to experienced. SCUBA not permitted in the bay; snorkels only
Do it: Donsol EcoTour

8. Mahe, Seychelles
When: August - October
Skill: Beginner to experienced
Do it: Aqua-Firma, Dive Seychelles, Big Blue Divers

9. Richelieu Rock, Thailand
When: Feb - May
Skill: Intermediate to experienced
Do it: Blue Guru Diving, Sunrise Divers, Sharkey Scuba

10. Utila Bay, Honduras
When: Year round, but Utila Dive Lodge and the Whale Shark and Oceanic Center partner each year to offer "Whale Shark Weeks," during which divers can participate in whale shark research, photo ID, DNA sampling, and tagging (pictured).
Skill: Beginner to experienced
Do it: Utila Dive Lodge, Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center
Source: matadornetwork.com