Originating from Paragliding, where mountain climbers used a steerable parachute to make their descent easier, people living far from mountainous areas thought of strapping a lawnmower engine with a propeller on their back to try and get airborne. And so some 25 years ago Paramotoring or PPG (powered paragliding) was born.

Originally with low performance gliders and heavy low efficiency engines, this beautiful sport has emerged from its childhood and is now available to be performed by almost anyone who has that pilot dream.

For less than the price of a motor bike, and with decent training, one can get aloft and enjoy the element that was once only mastered by birds.
Paramotor is the lightest, most portable powered aircraft available to men. When performed correctly, it is most probably the safest form of powered human aviation.
It can be performed by anyone above 16 years of age, in good healthy condition, with common sense and after getting proper training!