Top 10 best Jazz festivals.
1. New Orleans, Louisiana. A mythic jazz festival in the city were jazz was born.
2. Montreux, Switzerland. The best jazzmen in the world come to Montreux, since the festival has been created, in the 60's. The famous song by Deep Purple: "Smoke on the water" is a reference to a fire that happened during this festival.
3. Montreal, Canada. A family friendly international festival with lots of free concerts.
4. Marciac, France. Jazz in Marciac is a special festival that mixes Southern French gastronomy and top notch jazz, under the patronage of Wynton Marsalis.
5. Copenhagen, Denmark. From Chick Corea to Madeleine Peyroux, the best jazz players come to Copenhagen in summer.
6. Canary Islands. Canarias Jazz & Mas; a festival in the Canary Island with a very cool atmosphere.
7. Havana, Cuba. The best for Latin Jazz.
8. Paris Jazz Festival. Free concerts in open-air every Sunday during summer, in the Parc Floral, a very nice park in eastern Paris.
9. Monterey, California. The longest running jazz festival in the world. 10. New York City, NY.A festival in the Jazz Mecca, where many jazz players live.