BACKPACK through Europe

Accounting to half of the world's market in terms of traveling despite its small land surface area, Europe is a very exquisite place to visit as it can give you an efficient travel with well-built infrastructures and a rich cultural heritage you would really want to discover. There are many modes of travel within this lush and tempting region as it is an open border region.

Paris is the center of romance and the capital of France, which will really make you fall in love with it (and your special someone even more) by visiting its various channels, sipping caf? at its side street cafes, and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

London is a multicultural capital, while Istanbul is a place where the East and West collide.

The capital of seven hills, Rome, is perfect if you want to see two and a half thousand years of history before your eyes.

Barcelona, Moscow and Prague are cities that also take pride of well preserved villas and romantic bridges, while, Athens in Greece makes you want to rekindle the Greek mythology with its well-preserved ancient structures.

Last but not the least; Amsterdam is the home of liberal thoughts.

National parks are national treasures. Europe takes pride on their well-preserved parks such as Cinque Terre National Park, Bialowieza National Park and Plitvice National Park. Olden structures such as the Stonehenge, the magical Neuschwanstein Castle, the pillars named Meteor a and the Spanish fortress La Alhambra are truly a must-see. If you gear towards nature, go on a trip to the Alps and Blue Lagoon, snap tons of pictures and marvel at its picturesque beauty. With preserved beauty like these places, it is no wonder Europe is the center of world travel.