Ride the X TRAIN

The Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. (The Vegas X Train) will bring rail travel between Southern California and Las Vegas back again. Amtrak ended rail service between these two metropolitan areas in 1997.

The Vegas X Train will be different from previous railways carrying passengers. Calling the Vegas X Train a “commuter” train is not accurate. Passengers traveling on the Vegas X Train will ride in luxury. It will be known as the "Party Train to Vegas".

Penny Stegeman - Chief Operations Officer - Passenger Services talks about the route of the Vegas X Train from Southern California to Las Vegas and back again. You board the Vegas X Train, beginning at the nexus of rail transportation in Southern California, Fullerton Station. The luxury liner travels through the stark beauty of the nearly uninhabited high desert. You will view beautiful landscapes of ancient Joshua tree forests and winding mountain passes. This beauty is but a glance away for excited passengers and can only be seen by rail.
Source: vegasxtrain.com