6 Surprising Jobs That Can Earn You A 6 Figure Salary
If your big dreams involve making the big money, it may be time to consider jobs in the design and technology sectors. Here are the six jobs that can earn you a six figure salary:

1. Mobile Application Developer
Whether you’re an Android lover or a proud iPhone owner, we can all agree that mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and it’s not just because of their calling abilities. It’s about the apps.
Companies need to reach their customers in a big way on the small screen, and that’s where mobile application developers come in. This position is in high demand and the demand will continue to grow in the next few years as smartphones get smarter.

2. Data Security Analyst
As we use more and more forms of technology, there are more ways to break into it. Data Security Analysts are like the high-tech bouncers; it’s their job to analyze the risks of complicated tech systems and protect against any potential threats.

3. Interactive Creative Director
This fearless leader of the team of writers, designers and art directors helps create your online user experience. Making all the pieces come together in a cool and creative online presence is the name of the game, and companies are willing to pay a pretty penny for it.

4. Business Systems Analyst
These problem solvers hunt out business issues and create automatic systems to deal with them. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom – big bucks.

5. Information Architect
It’s all about giving people what they want, and with Information Architects it’s all about figuring out what online audiences need and strategizing web content that fits the demand. Instead of designing buildings and condos, these architects build web features and online customer experiences.

6. User Experience Designer
Customers are interacting with companies online more than ever before, and user experience designers are needed to help ease that relationship. For these guys and gals, creating a positive digital experience for everyone is what it’s all about.
While it may take time to work your way to a six-figure pay cheque, students and new grads actually have an edge. “Students graduating now are so much more tech-savvy than students who graduated five to 10 years ago,” new grads are able to step right into the workforce and be effective from day one, giving them an added advantage when competing for jobs in the tech industry.
Source: talentegg.ca