Fall asleep on GRASSY PLAINS

Throughout history, humans have spent time outdoors much more than we do in modern time and have been in direct contact with the soil. From walking on the ground barefoot, to gardening or tilling the soil, or even sleeping on a grassy plains - humans have always touched the earth… until recently.
Now, we live in houses, wear rubber shoes, are exposed to electro magnetic fields daily and don’t often come into direct contact with the ground.
Have you ever noticed that you sleep better on a beach vacation after walking in the sand or being in the ocean? The sand and ocean water and both naturally conductive materials and both help ground the body and remove excess positive electrons. For the same basic reason that we ground electrical outlets to avoid the build up of excess positive charge, our bodies need the same ground effect.

According to the book “Earthing” the practice of earthing basically involves coupling your body to the Earth’s surface energy by walking, sitting or sleeping outside in direct contact with the Earth. And this is beneficial in many ways: increasing healthy sleep, increasing energy, lowering stress, normalizing biological rhythms, improving blood pressure, relieving muscle tension and headache, etc. Why don't give it a try by sleeping on a grassy plains? ;)