Join a GYM

5 Good Reasons to Join a Gym
1. Gym memberships come with a FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Most often we will not want our money to go to waste, so the idea of money being drafted every month whether you go or not will likely MOTIVATE you to swipe that key card at least weekly.

2. PEER SUPPORT is all around you. You could be and introvert or socialite, either way the people in the gym around you serve as inspiration whether you carry on conversations with them or just watch in awe as they complete some circuit or set that you aspire to do one day.

3. They have FITNESS PROFESSIONALS ON STAFF that can assist you with accomplishing your goals safely & effectively.

4. More than likely they offer some sort of GROUP FITNESS CLASSES with AWESOME INSTRUCTORS. You get specific motivation and tailored workouts without the associated high cost of a personal trainer.

5. You get a workout WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS of the home: phone ringing, children, husband, and unannounced visitors, etc.