Make the FORTUNE 500 list with MY COMPANY

Who Makes the Fortune 500
The Fortune 500 lists the top 500 largest, publicly traded companies owned and operated in the U.S. The list ranks companies based on total operating revenues for the year, including revenues from discontinued operations. The revenues calculated for commercial banks and savings institutions are interest and noninterest revenues, while those tallied for insurance companies include premium and annuity income, investment income and capital gains or losses.
Eligibility Criteria
To make it on the Fortune 500, a company must be publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq National Market. It must maintain a daily trading volume of more than 100,000 shares during 25 consecutive trading days before it's added to the Fortune 500. The company must also have a minimum reported price of more than $5 per share and a minimum market capitalization of more than $100 million during that 25-day period. A company may be removed from the Fortune 500 during the year if it doesn't continue to meet the eligibility criteria.