The term role model generally means any person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others

1. Stand up for the things in which you believe. If you see something you don't agree with, don't be afraid to stand up and say something. This may not seem like a big thing, but by standing up for your beliefs, you're encouraging others to do the same. This character trait may cause others to begin looking up to you as a role model.

2. Help other people in a variety of ways. For example, sign up for a program such as Big Brothers or help some new kids around your school. Many people would like to have someone to look up to, but simply don't. You can change this by becoming a helpful person in their life.

3. Act like yourself, not someone you're not. Many people think a role model is someone famous and outstanding. While some role models may be famous, everyone is human. You don't have to be spectacular to become a role mode. By being respectful, helpful, kind and most importantly, yourself, people will start to admire and look up to you.

4. Work hard in everything that you do whether it be school, sports or helping others. Role models aren't admired because of their greatness, but rather the determination it took to get there. Even if you're not the best, people will take notice of your hard work and dedication.

5. Think of who your role models are and why that is. Determine the reason you look up to someone, then mimic that behavior. For example, if your role model is a singer who has songs dedicated to human rights, volunteer at a charity that does the same kind of work. Others will take note of this behavior and begin to look up to you.

Role Models that Inspire and Motivate:
.Helen Keller who although blind and deaf from age 2 traveled the world with her message 'the world may be full of suffering but it is also full of overcoming'.

2.Lance Armstrong who beat cancer and then went on to beat the world's greatest cyclists seven years consecutively

3.Martin Luther King who stood up to discrimination and poverty and helped pave the way for greater equal rights in America.

4.Mahatma Gandhi who believed in non-violence and who was instrumental in standing up to the British Empire and getting India its freedom.

5.Thomas Edison who proved that through persistence and determination he could achieve.

6.Einstein, one of the greatest brains of the 20th century whose theory of relativity took the scientific world by storm.

7.Abraham Lincoln failed in the army. Failed in business. Lost his sweetheart when she died. Had a nervous breakdown. Was defeated many, many times in politics especially for nomination for Congress, for US Senate, for vice-presidency in 1856. But, became the President of the United States in 1860.