Identify my STRENGTHS

1.Think about your answers to these key questions when evaluating what your strengths are:
-What are the activities and tasks that I feel involved and truly engaged with when I perform them? When I am busy with these activities do I become immersed and concentrate completely or I am distracted and disinterested? What is my initial and automatic response to the activity? Do I feel happy about undertaking the task and does it provide me with a feeling of satisfaction?
-Which activities consistently produce the right results?
-What work and activities are performed well and successfully? Do I feel good when performing the activity?
-What activities have I been able to learn rapidly and understand quickly?
-When have I welcomed and enjoyed the challenge of learning something new?

2.Make a list of these activities using verbs to describe your strengths such as scheduling, teaching, developing, delegating, evaluating and analyzing.

3.Try to put yourself inside the employer's head and consider your strengths from that perspective.

4.Review the job activities and tasks and consider how your strengths will add value to these. Use these strengths to demonstrate your suitability for the position.