Learn to COOK

We can learn to cook and cook for many great reasons. Here a few reasons why cooking can be beneficial for your health and why we should all try to learn how to do so.

• Taste- They say there is nothing like home cooking. Who doesn’t have a relative or a friend who cooks amazingly well? Learning to cook can help us achieve flavour greatness by learning what works and what doesn’t work in the kitchen, and also how certain foods interact with each other (and in our own bodies). Cooking can help make the somewhat bland and uninteresting ingredients turn into decadent and enticing meals.

• Experience- We can broaden our horizons by cooking from a different ethnic cuisines. Different foods can take us to different places and experience different tastes than what we are used to and so we can learn about different cultures through food.

• Quality- When we cook for ourselves we choose what goes in our food. We have the ultimate control over the quality of the ingredients.
• Convenience- Though some may disagree, when we cook for ourselves we can make our meals more convenient by preparing additional foods in advance, then we can have meals for on-the-go busy times.

• Health- When we cook for ourselves we can make more nutritious foods than we would find in packaged foods. We can even learn how to prepare foods so they are more nutritious!

• Pure & Real Ingredients- Cooking for yourself lets you choose the ingredients you want to use and you can make them as chemical free and artificial-anything free as you like!
• Food Brings People Together- It’s no wonder so many holidays are centered around or are celebrated with food. It’s because food brings people together.

• Independence- Learning to cook can give us a great sense of freedom and independence. Knowing you are able to cook for yourself can give you the satisfaction that you are looking after yourself and you can provide nourishing meals for yourself.

• Cost- So many foods cost a lot more when bought pre-packaged. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is to make your own versions of certain foods!

• Cultural Lineage– Teaching your family and/or loved ones to cook your family’s recipes or your favourite culinary creations can be a way to pass down information that will live on forever through food. This can help provide your loved ones with a means for a survival.

• Expression of Love- One of the greatest benefits of cooking, especially for others, is that by cooking you can express to others your love and show how you care for them.

I hope you feel inspired by the benefits of cooking and feel inspired to whip up something nutritious and delicious for yourself or your loved ones!

Source: healthfoodlover.com