If you enjoy giving advice and are a good writer, you may want to make your own advice column. Starting an advice column is a good way to make money as a web content writer. It is also a good way to bring traffic and visitors to your existing business. Here is advice on how to make your own advice column.
1. Decide on your areas of expertise. Try to focus your advice column on one specific category such as decorating, cleaning, fashion, weddings, etiquette, etc. If you are one of those people whose knowledge spans several different categor
3 Reasons to Grow Your Own Vegetables
1. Price
2. Control What Goes In your Food
3. Freshness
Bartending is a career choice for some and a hobby for others. Whichever route you take, there are a few tips, tricks and techniques that you will need to begin making great drinks. Once you learn the basics and become familiar with popular cocktails you can take you new found knowledge to begin creating great spirited concoctions of your own.

1. Bartending Basics
As you begin your journey in the world of cocktails you'll most likely come across many recipes that ask you to shake this and muddle that along with a few other commo
1. The first person who managed to make a "photographic" snapshot constant, that is to fix the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first snapshot in the history of photography is considered "view from the window," dated 1826. The exposure of the shot lasted 8 Hours.

2. The first person who invented negative was Fox Talbot. This event occurred in 1839. In the same year Hippolyte Bayard presented the first positive print to the world.

3. The first "photographic paper" was made ??of aspha
1. Focus on one resolution only.
People are so gung-ho for change this time of the year that they often vow to make several lifestyle modifications at once. Bad idea. Committing to more than one thing is overwhelming; you only have so much willpower and energy to go around. (Think about it: Can you really put in extra hours at the office in hopes of getting promoted while also giving up caffeine? Not likely.) So pick the one habit or behavior you truly want to tweak and make that your project

2. Be specific.
Resolutions lik
“If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy”- Dale Carnegie
Top 5 Factors to Weigh Before Getting a PhD
1. What doors does a PhD open for you?
The fact of the matter is, it opens mostly doors within academia. In order to get a job as a professor, you need a PhD. For most others, you don't. There are a few exceptions, such as chemistry and fields related to drug development. So if you know for certain that you want to work in academia or in, say, pharmaceuticals, then a targeted PhD is the right thing.
Also, if you are interested in an expanding field, which at the moment could be somethin