Many people like to start a coin collection for their children, or grandchildren, as a sort of investment for them. These collections are typically held by the parent or grandparent on the child's behalf, with the intention of giving them to the child at a certain age, or as an inheritance, although sometimes the coins are given directly to the children.
Before you start collecting coins on behalf of your kids, you should take a moment to consider a couple of points. First of all, like all investments, collecting coins costs money, so you
Nothing feels as satisfying and authentic as making your first batch of wine from fresh grapes. And there's no better time to try it than in early autumn, when grapes all over the country are ripening in vineyards and backyard gardens.
Dry Red Table Wine
- 18 lbs. ripe red grapes
- 1 campden tablet (or 0.33g of potassium metabisulfite powder)
- Tartaric acid, if necessary
- Table sugar, if necessary
- 1 packet wine yeast (like Prise de Mousse or Montrachet)

1. Harvest grapes once they ha
7 Tips for Starting Your Own Organic Garden

There are numerous benefits to planting your own organic garden at home. It enables you to eat the freshest fruits, herbs and vegetable. At the same time, you act to help reduce the amount of pesticides and toxins in the environment. As organic produce can be costly in the supermarket, growing your own delicious organic produce at home can also save money.

Gardening Tip #1 – Plan

Plan your garden before planting your crops, it’ll help you reap the best h
Magic is an act performed by tricksters. A magic can be an illusion, a deception or a science which isn't yet popular. well, It's actually an art. Magic is famous not from today but since a very long time. All of us like the magic shows, and if we can perform it - it feels like dream come true :)
Anyone can try magic. And if you are still an amateur in this profession, even than you can perform some simple tricks, but remember it demands some practice and workout. So here five simple tricks from the famous magician Sir Pattabhi Ram' s book
Why buy it when you can make it? Making your own furniture can save you money and allow you to design your furniture just the way you like it. Build your own furniture and have a whole lot of fun doing it.
Yodeling (or yodelling, jodeling) is a form of singing that involves singing an extended note which rapidly and repeatedly changes in pitch from the vocal or chest register (or "chest voice") to the falsetto/head register; making a high-low-high-low sound. This vocal technique is used in many cultures throughout the world.
Easy Steps to Yodel
Below are simple steps to learning how to yodel. Go step by step, and check your progress.

1. If you want to yodel you will need to use a special part of your voice. This is the same p
Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? Below are few steps that are required to write, shoot and edit your own movie.

1. You need to come up with an idea for your movie. Unless you have an imagination the size of Oceania, this will be the hardest part. You could base the film on a popular fairy tale (ie. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast), Make a documentary (or, come to that, a spoof documentary; a film about what cuddly toys get up to when kids leave the bedroom, for instance), or come up with your own thing. Often i
Whether you want to design a video game, app, or just want to do it for fun, programming is your friend. Here's how to learn a programming language.

1. Decide what you want to do. Some programming applications with strong Web presence and good materials for beginners are game programming, Web site creation, automation of common tasks ("scripting"), text processing, and scientific problem solving. If you just think programming would be cool to learn and don't have any specific applications in mind, that's okay, but thinking about what
Juggling is a skill that anyone can learn, why not give it a go?
Before we start you will need to grab 3 items roughly the same size and weight. Like: 3 x Balls, 3 x Beanbags, 3 x Oranges, 3 x Apples, or 3 x Chainsaws*.
When learning to juggle, you will definitely drop these items a lot. So make sure you clear some room (we don't want to break anything or hurt anybody).

1. One ball with two hands
Let's start by throwing one ball between two hands... pretty easy, huh?! We will knock things up a notch in a minute.
Blogs have been around for about 10 years. The word stands for ’web log’ and they’re effectively online diaries. Anyone can set one up, that’s the easy part. Thinking of something interesting to say each time you blog is the tricky bit.
Assuming you don’t understand or want to learn about writing websites in code, you’re probably best off looking at one of the sites that offers free blogging. A couple of the more popular are WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogger. Others are available.
Both of these will offer you a free blog