Basic instructions below for right hand archers (reverse if left handed) using recurve equipment with a sight, and basic safety equipment: sling, finger tab, arm guard.

1.Stance & Posture:
Right handed archers hold the bow with the left hand, so with your left side toward the target, stand at a right angle to the target, with the tips of your toes against an imaginary line pointing at the center of the target. Your feet should be shoulder's width apart, stradling the shooting line.
Stand straight & tall, balanced, with ribs
1. Prepare for the audition. Find out where the audition will be held, the audition style, and if you will need to have anything memorized. Some auditions are held privately, while others are in a large group setting. Figure all of this out ahead of time so you aren't surprised or stressed the day of your audition.

2. Stay calm. Before your audition, take a few deep breaths, and maybe do a few warm up exercises such as a few simple stretches, both of your body and facial muscles.

3. Walk in with a smile. Look calm and
1. You first of all have to learn to not be afraid of water. People who fear the water, their hearts since the freeze, it is possible to swim at all, you will not forget everything they learned. The water like this, these concerns can be a cause in the small as come to the big eyes and as they drowned in the water like this.
The best way to overcome , is to expose your face in the water more often. I take a bucket of water on your face, just take the courage, this can be done by asking someone to jump into the pool .

2. The seco
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Latin Language Facts...
- Latin has been (and still remains) the official language of the Church. "Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church in so far as it is the one whose use is hallowed by tradition and confirmed by experience in the headquarters work of the Church in the city of Rome. It is the language in which doctrine is defined and anything affecting the Church at large is recorded: all official acts of the Church are in that tongue and normally it is used in all correspondence and business with the Holy See and Curia.
There are many different types of drums; Most of them can be categorized into acoustic, electric or world drums. Acoustic drums include the bass, snare and tom drums. Electric drums are actually pads that represent acoustical drums. World drums include bongo drums, conga drums, djembes, and Japanese drums.
Remember that most people are there just to have fun. Most people won't care if you're a great singer or not, as long as you're at least somewhat on pitch. Asian-style karaoke boxes are private practice rooms where you can hire a room for yourself and close friends so you can sing in a small group before performing in Western-style open talent- quest-like karaoke environment.
Get at it! When you're up there, let it all hang out. It is your time!
Using the old public speaking trick helps: Imagining the audience in their underwear. Wh
Rumba belongs to the Latin American dance styles and is normally thought as part of Latin-American dance program. It originates from Cuba as a typical dance of a hot climate. It has become the classic of all the Latin American dances. In its present form many of the basic figures of the dance retain the age-old story of woman's attempt to seduce the man by the use of her feminine charm.
Rumba is one of the most erotic and sensual of all the Latin dance styles due to its slow rhythms and hip movements that create intense bodily expression
The cha-cha is a popular Afro-Cuban dance that is often danced at ballroom dance events as well as Latin clubs. Cha-cha music is written in 4/4 time and around 30 measures per minute (120 beats per minute) with a medium-to-fast, syncopated feel.
Cha-cha is generally done as a partnership dance, which means the "leader" (traditionally - though not necessarily - meaning the man) will control the flow of the dance, guiding the follower and deciding what patterns to do, etc, while the "follower" (traditionally the woman) will try to match the
The romantic Waltz is one of the most popular ballroom dances of all time. Considered by some as the "mother of present day dances" and the "backbone dance" of the ballroom, the Waltz is the basis for many dances. Developed in Germany, the Waltz is popular all over the world. A truly romantic dance, the Waltz is comprised of soft, round, flowing movements.
Below are simple steps to learning how to waltz. Go step by step, and check your progress.

1. Waltz beats
Waltz music is based on count of three, i-e 1, 2, 3, commonly ca