There is no doubt that Mr Shakespeare is the greatest writer of modern English to date – his plays have been made into movies, his sonnets have appeared in books and music, and his works translated in to hundreds of different languages. His contribution to the English language is probably larger than that of anyone else. If you have not read all of the plays below, you should certainly try.

10.Othello, The Moor of Venice
This tragedy is believed to have been written in approximately 1603. The work revolves around four central
Waking at sparrows means you can experience any number of beautiful things. You can:
- watch the sun rise
- enjoy the quiet, uninterrupted time
- work on a project for an hour or two before the day has begun
- work on a hobby
- exercise in the morning air
- listen to the birdsong
- relish the fact that the day has started on your terms
- meditate, pray or practice mindfulness
- enjoy the simple pleasure of a tea or coffee
- be up, dressed and ready for the day before the rest of the house wakes<
It’s one thing being an established and famous artist, where all you have to do is paint the pictures and hand them over to an agent, then show up for the preview evening. It’s another to be at the beginning of your career as an artist.
First, identify a few art galleries where you would like to exhibit. After identifying potential galleries or exhibition space your next task is convince the decision makers that your artworks should be exhibited. It is important to carefully figure out the best way to introduce yourself and your artwor
5 Tips to Create Successful YouTube Videos

1. Keep it Short There is no perfect length, but it is best to stay under three minutes when possible. Remember that people have short attention spans, especially online, and even your mom is clicking away once you pass the five minute mark.

2. Plan Ahead You don't need to read from a script, but you do need to know what you want to say before you start recording. Otherwise, you will find yourself rambling and spending a lot of time editing.

3. Lighting Record your vide
Why Write Journal Articles?

1. There is declining financial resources for professional travel at most institutions, so publications are a way to communicate, stay abreast, exchange ideas, etc.

2. There often is increasing pressure from administrators and others that you push yourself to publish your work.

3. Personal growth, enhanced self-discipline, personal lifelong learning, and career enhancement come from the publication process by knowing others will benefit from your work and that you can feel connected t
Robin Lloyd-Jones - Travel author and WW editor
“Even a simple bus journey can make a riveting read. It’s how you write about it that matters. Here are seven tips for a successful travel book:

- Do your research – pre-travel research enriches the whole experience; post-travel research adds depth and accuracy to what you write. While travelling keep notes or you will forget; and take photographs to illustrate your words.

- Be curious – about everything and everybody. What makes many travel books enjoyable
The following are some suggestions and steps you might like to follow:
1. Decide whom you want to write about, your parents, grandparents, great grand parents, ancestors, other relatives, friends, idols, heroes, yourself or any other special person.

2. Collect as much information as you possibly can, from his or her birth date to the most relevant facts of his or her life through letters, journals, newspaper clippings, pictures, and most importantly, through conversations with elder family members (it would be a good idea to tak
Top 10 facts about the Nobel Prize
1. Alfred Nobel's fortune, which let him found the prizes, came from his invention of dynamite.

2. His father, Immanuel Nobel, invented plywood.

3. The average age of all Nobel Laureates in all prize categories between 1901 and 2011 is 59 years.

4. Linus Pauling (chemistry and peace) and Marie Curie (chemistry and physics) are the only people to have won two Nobel Prizes in different areas.

5. The International Committee of the Red Cross is the only winner of th
What are the benefits of being spontaneous?
1. New experiences. Being spontaneous exposes you to a whole new world of experiences that you would not have otherwise enjoyed.

2. Better relationships. Spontaneity can breathe new life into relationships that have become predictable.

3. Be noticed. Spontaneous people are considered exciting, adventurous, and fun.  They get noticed for doing the unexpected.

4. It’s interesting. A predictable life is a boring life.  Spontaneity welcomes the unknown and ma
When was the last time you looked up at the night sky and were dazzled by countless constellations? Gazing at the stars, planets and distant galaxies is a universal, timeless pleasure, but it's one denied now to many of us.
A recent study estimated that 99% of the population of America and Western Europe never see a clear night sky unobscured by dust, smog and light pollution. In cities such as London, the firmament simply never darkens.
Now imagine yourself reclining in a desert oasis on a clear moonless night, the air still and sile