Surround myself with POSITIVE PEOPLE

People who take efforts to surround themselves with positive people find themselves adopting the attitude of those around them.

1.Focus on your own behaviors. Decide whether you're being positive or negative in the majority of situations. Change your own behavior in order to start attracting more positive people to your life.

2.Think positively. Train yourself to see the opportunity in every difficulty and the good in every person you meet. Be genuinely happy about not only your success - but the success of others in your life.

3.Smile. Smiles are contagious. When you smile at others, they tend to return the favor. A smile can have a positive impact on someone who is having a bad day. By smiling, you'll attract other smiling positive people - the kind of people who will help you fulfill your dreams.

4.Speak positively. You attract positive people when you say positive things.

5.Seek out companions, team members, friends and even relationships with people who view obstacles as a problem to be overcome rather than something that is to be feared or worrisome.
5. Join groups or participate in activities where you can meet more like-minded, positive people. Form your own group, such as a mastermind group to encourage meetings and exchanges of ideas between positive people.