1. Earn a substantial amount of money to start out with.

2. Pick what your product or service will be. Choose something that interests you, something you can be enthusiastic about. Try to find a niche in the market - an unexplored aspect of your chosen area of business.

3. Determine your target audience. Observe your competition and examine their target audiences. Adjust their audience and make it yours. Conduct surveys and ask people what they think about your business concept. Don't be afraid to let your concept evolve; there are some changes that can make your idea better and more profitable.

4. Write up a business plan. Ask someone to help you with this; a mentor, teacher, or parent would be happy to help you. Also, for some inspiration, go to local businesses with products or services similar to yours and ask to speak with the owner. Ask them what inspired them to start their business, and what they enjoy about what they do. This can serve as an inspiration for your mission statement

5. Have the tools and supplies needed to start your business. With your own funds and possibly loans from others you can purchase the basic supplies that are needed to get your business off the ground.

6. Execute your business plan. Ask friends if they would like to help, or if they would like to work for you. Build your business from the ground up, and never be afraid to ask for help.