Times Square is considered as the heart of New York City. There are countless numbers of restaurants, famous designer stores, electronic stores, a sea of cars and many very busy people. Times Square, which was previously known as the Longacre Square, is probably one of brightest places on earth. You may have already seen countless photos and videos of the famous square and you might even feel that you do not have to see anymore. It would be such a waste not to see the beauty and how glamorously busy this place in New York is.
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Miami offers visitors a lot of amazing things to see, but nothing that can compare to it's sunsets.
Gold Coast Australia is a modern city with gleaming high-rise buildings, built around a magnificent beach, which include 'Surfer Paradise' world famous. Gold Coast is the birthplace of 'bikini'. Along a stretch of endless golden beaches, there are an international thematic parks, designer boutiques, luxury spa resort, world-class golf courses, as well as award-winning restaurants, upscale bars and lively nightclubs. Gold Coast is also a gate of the best natural tourist destinations in Queensland.
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A drive-in theater is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Drive-ins provide a romantic and nostalgic alternative under the stars; have the largest movie screens; snackbar menus usually - two, sometimes three movies for the cost of 1 admission.
Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) is a Canadian entertainment company, self-described as a 'dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.'
Each show is a synthesis of circus styles from around the world, with its own central theme and storyline. They draw the audience into the performance through continuous live music, with performers rather than stagehands changing the props. The shows employ approximately 4,000 people from over 40 countries.
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One of Hawaii's most memorable experiences, seeing the charming sunrise
The legend of El Dorado gave birth to the Amazon. Chasing the mystic 'city of gold' the explorer Francisco de Orellana discovered the Amazon but failed to find any gold. However, gold indeed the rainforest is. Picture a place where the sunlight struggles to reach the ground and the mist envelopes every leaves and branch. Where a multitude of exotic creatures make their presence felt to the ears rather than the eyes. And an ocean of a river, the great river amazon, that is always in an eternal fight to dwarf the forest. One of the most important
This is one of the remarkable churches in Kiev (Ukraine) that was built around nine centuries ago. This is a great place for you to experience how the architecture was done before as well as make your visit sort of a pilgrimage since it has relics from different saints. Locals also call the Lavra as Monastery of Caves. Lavra caves is the system of underground passages, divided into two parts.

First annalistic mentions of Lavra Caves are related to 1051. At first caves were occupied by the monks who lived their, later in caves starte
Easter Island has been synonymous with the huge, spectacular stone mololiths, known as Moais, which once dotted its landscape. It is one of the most isolated places on Earth. This tiny island can be described an open air museum for the huge stone Moais scattered everywhere. These mysterious carved figures, massive in size, some weighing 50 tons, stand more than ten meters high, gazing out across rolling hills, mountains and extinct volcanoes towards crystal clear waters. Some called it the remnants of a lost civilization while others ascribed t
Discover the joys of having a peaceful and serene holiday in a Spa town otherwise known as Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Here, you can indulge yourself in some self-pampering and reinvigoration as you take a look at the sights, enjoy the health spas and take a drink of their natural mineral waters. One of the main reasons why people flock to this town to take their much needed break is because of their health spas. Another attraction that draws people is the Hot Spring Colonnade that is a sight to behold with its 14-meter high fountain and tha