One of the life ultimate experiences you can have is to ride horseback along powder-white strands of virgin beach with only you, the jungle, and the staggering beauty of the sea or ocean as far as the eye can see.

Few great destinations for Beach Horse Riding
1. Portugal Horseback Riding Vacations
Alentejo, Portugal. Portugal Horseback Riding Vacations along the wildly beautiful Alentejo coast. Horseback ride on beaches and visit historic whitewashed villages on Lusitano horses.

2. Italy Mediterranean Coast Ridin
Hike Your Own Hike on the Appalachian Trail and in Life
The Appalachian Trail is one of the longest continuously marked footpath in the world, measuring roughly 2,180 miles in length. Over 2-3 million people visit the Trail every year exploring its magnificent landscapes and experiencing its stunning views.

What does hike your own hike mean?
Hike your own hike means that you should hike a trail in the manner that you enjoy, and not the way somebody tells you to hike it. Although you should ponder the advice of others, ult
Parkour is an art form of human movement, focusing on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in one's environment. Such movement may come in the form of running, jumping, climbing and other more complex techniques.
The goal of practicing le parkour is to be able to adapt one's movement to any given scenario so that any obstacle can be overcome with the human body's abilities.

According to founder David Belle, the "spirit" of parkour is guided in part by the
Thierry Sabine was lost, hopelessly lost. It was 1977 and the Frenchman had been riding through the Libyan Desert during a motorcycle rally. After going off course, Sabine looked around him. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the challenges of crossing Libya on a motorcycle, along with the country's stark beauty, captivated Sabine. He decided to create the ultimate racing event that would test the mettle of thrill seekers such as himself.

A year later, on Dec. 26, 1978, Sabine's brainchild, the Dak
Golf is a sport that you can play from childhood through your golden years. This sport enables you to spend time outside and enjoy the weather while getting a little exercise. Golf is not an easy sport to learn, however. It takes patience and a good attitude. With practice, golf can provide many enjoyable afternoons spent with family and friends.

Interesting facts:
-Originally golf balls were stuffed with feathers. The tighter packed the feathers, the further the ball would fly. This type of ball was used until 1848.
When most visitors go to the top of places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the CN Tower in Toronto, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, they’re in search of awesome, sweeping views and gorgeous photography opportunities. However, there are a select group of people who visit these same spots and are intrigued by only one thing–how difficult would it be to strap on a parachute and jump off of them?

For BASE jumpers, leaping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet and freefalling at well ove
Better known as four-wheeling in some parts, quadbiking has become one of the more popular activities in ‘sand dunes’ countries and not only. This is one of the best ways to access parts of the sand dunes that even 4x4's can't reach. There is a bit of controversy over the use of bikes in the sand dunes as it poses a threat to some of the rare animal species and plant life that make the sand dunes their homes. However, the legitimate companies that make quadbiking in the dunes an adventure experience also make conserving their environment a
Imagine soaring like a hawk thousands of feet above the ground. Although the air is somewhat chilly, the view is tremendous and the solitude is relaxing. You search for updrafts of air to keep you aloft so that you can enjoy this feeling for hours. This is the experience of hang gliding.

The hang glider's wing, called adelta wing or Rogallo wing, is an outgrowth of NASA engineerFrancis Rogallo's research on kites and parachutes in the 1960s. Rogallo had proposed the wing as a method of returning spacecraft to Earth. The delta-wing
Rock climbing not extreme enough? Want to add freezing temperatures and slippery walls to the mix? Ice climbing is the pinnacle of extreme sports. Scaling a vertical cliff side covered in ice with nothing but a couple axes and a pair of crampons is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for your next big challenge, here are 5 of the world’s best places to go ice climbing.

1. Ouray, Colorado
Colorado, as a veritable playground for all manner of wintertime activities, hosts one of the country’s best ice climbing hot s
Free-falling from a bridge while connected with a large elastic cord and seeing the ground getting closer and closer, that’s what bungee jumping is all about. The whole body gets filled with adrenaline and the experience is unique. Obviously not everyone is prepared or wants to try it, but for those who are willing to test their limits here are chosen five of the best places for a thrilling jump.

1. Bloukrans River Bridge
Known as the world’s highest commercially operated bungee jump (Guinness Book of World Records) and the