The World Golf Championships (WGC) are a group of four annual events for professional golfers created by the International Federation of PGA Tours. All four WGC tournaments are official money events on the European Tour and the Japan Golf Tour, and officially sanctioned by the Asian Tour, Sunshine Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia, and PGA Tour. Three of the four are official money events on the PGA Tour; the HSBC Champions does not offer official prize money on that tour. However, the HSBC Champions winner receives an invitation to the
12 Things You Can Do On A Segway
Early on, Segways developed a reputation for being useless and nerdy, but in the last few years people have found plenty of things you can do with, or on, a segway. The personal transporters are becoming more popular as gas prices rise and more uses are found. Keep in mind, these are things you can do if you have the skill and the balance to ride a Segway as they are made to be ridden.

Segway Polo is just like regular polo, except the players ride Segways instead of horses. Th
A somersault is an acrobatic exercise in which a person's body revolves 360° with feet passing over the head. A somersault can be performed either forwards, backwards, or sideways and can be executed in the air or on the ground. When performed on the ground it is normally called a roll.

Types of somersault
There are many variations of front and back somersaults. Somersaults can be performed in multiples, or multiples of quarter body revolutions, in some cases with additional twist rotations or ending in body landings, prod
The CN Tower can be thrilling enough with its glass floor and amazing views, but can you imagine yourself walking around the outside of it on a 5 foot wide ledge ringing the exterior of the observation level. Better yet, how about hanging over the edge with nothing but air and the breeze between you and the ground a distant 1168 feet below! The EdgeWalk holds the Guinness World Record for the highest walk on the exterior of any building.

By its very nature , the EdgeWalk experience is thrilling and participants must be at least 13
5 health benefits of cold water swimming
1. Swimming in cold water burns calories and increases your metabolism.
Cold water makes your body work twice as hard in an effort to keep you warm. This not only burns more calories, but it also causes your body to burn fat as its primary source of fuel and helps increase your metabolism in the long run.

2. Regular exposure to cold water strengthens the immune system
Keeping the body at the same temperature (with thermal regulators such as air conditioners, heaters and clothing
The Winter Olympic Games is a major international sporting event which occurs once every four years. The first celebration of the Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France, in 1924. The original sports were alpine and cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey,Nordic combined, ski jumping and speed skating. The Games were held every four years from 1924 until 1936, after which they were interrupted by World War II. The Olympics resumed in 1948 and were celebrated every four years. The Winter and Summer Olympic Games
Take a shower in a Waterfall. The water is usually super-cold, it runs very fast - and it is super refreshing activity.
If you have ever tried to paddle a two-person canoe, you know how challenging it is. When done correctly, it can look easy, but it takes practice and excellent teamwork.

Step 1
Synchronize the forward stroke. If both people on opposite sides of the canoe stroke forward with their paddles at the same time, the craft will move forward in a straight line. If the canoe seems to turn one way or the other, one of you needs to paddle a bit harder or softer to match the other's force. One key thing to note is that the hand closer to the
Just another crazy and fun activity to do and remember with your friends :)
Learn to do 100 push ups in just 6 weeks

The Challenge
Balancing your body strength is important if you want to punch harder, perform well in gymnastics, feel more balanced or even have a good physique. A lot of people have difficulty performing a large number of consecutive push ups, even if they are fairly fit. Push ups are fantastic for your chest, abs, triceps, shoulders, torso and even your back muscles, so they shouldn't be underestimated as an effective exercise.

This challenge only requires about 15 mins a day