The land that gave birth to the first great civilization… The pyramids, the minarets, the Nile – the scope of Egypt is magnificent. Visitors are surprised to discover that those legendary pyramids are merely the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Pharaonic nations, ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians and Arab dynasties have all played their part in fashioning Egypt's embarrassment of architectural wealth.

A richly historical land with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, one of the world's greatest cities and scenery from white-sand beaches to soaring mountains. Major cities in Turkey -

Germany is one of the most influential nations in European culture, and one of the world's main economic powers. Known around the world for its precision engineering and high-tech products, it is equally admired by visitors for its old-world charm and coziness.

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Traveling to Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever take. Although it is expensive, it is truly spectacular and it's something that you and your traveling companions will never forget. Plan your trip to Antarctica - 

Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Adriatic, a seaport and the centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva county. The city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Things to See and Do -

Rome is called the Eternal City. With more than 3,000 years of history behind it, it is difficult to sum up this ancient city in words. The best way to know this city is to explore it. There are many faces to this city – the capital city of the old, the center of food and fashion, and the Catholic faith. Rome: interesting facts and main attractions -

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It's the ultimate trip: circumnavigating the planet, and stopping off wherever takes your fancy. Great for travellers who want to see it all, or who are just plain indecisive. But booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip can be a complex business.

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Most people have a frequent flier account of some sort, even if they haven’t given it much thought lately. Others have made collecting points and miles not just their hobby, but their life's passion. What about you?

The United States is a vast and varied country, ranging from snow-topped mountains to blistering beaches. 

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