Anyone who has ever attended a class reunion knows the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends and reminiscing about long-ago activities, classes, and teachers. And what about re-connecting with some of your favourite teachers? Sounds crazy? Or it could be pretty easy to do and lot's of fun :)
It's Dinner Time....That special someone is coming over..What plan do you have to win there heart ? .....They do say the way to the heart is thru the Stomach ;) something like that....How about a Romantic Dinner for Two.

Take a few minutes to plan your Evening...Romance is Soft Lights, Good Music and wonderful tasting food and lots of Time.
1. Set the Mood -Setting the mood is the first step to planning your Romantic Evening. Romantic moods can range to ...Sensuous, Erotic to Fun and Flirting..To Just getting to know y
Nothing says romance like two soaking wet people, driven by their yearning desire for one another, kissing in the rain because they just couldn’t wait a second longer!
Second honeymoons are a great way to rejuvenate a couple's marriage. If the daily domestic routine is getting the best of one's love life, it may be time for a change of scenery. The following can help to make the plans.

While there are no rules concerning when to plan the second honeymoon, it is important to plan the right place. It is important to select the a place where you can spend uninterrupted time together. Whether around the corner or around the world, the most important thing is that you spend time with your spouse
7 Reasons People Who Love The Beach Are The Happiest People To Be Around

1. They’re low maintenance.
Beach-lovers are people who appreciate simple joys in life: beautiful views, the feel of the hot sun on their skin, a refreshing swim, an afternoon with friends. They are the happiest people to be around because it’s so easy to make them happy.

2. They crave adventure.
People who love going to the beach aren’t the stay-home-and-Netflix every night type. They want to go out and do something
Remember that during the interview process, candidates are deciding whether they want to work for you just as much as you are trying to decide whether to hire them. You have only about an hour to make a good impression on the candidate. Follow these steps:

1. Write down a list of questions that directly relate to the job's responsibilities. If you don't have a job description, list the key responsibilities of the position, and then draw up a list of questions that relate to those responsibilities.

2. Ask be
The Peace Corps traces its roots and mission to 1960, when then Senator John F.Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries. From that inspiration grew an agency of the federal government devoted to world peace and friendship.

Since that time, 210,000+ Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 139 host countries to work on issues ranging from AIDS education to information technology and environmental preservation.

Community Garden Checklist
If you're looking for an activity that people of all ages can enjoy, start a community garden. Rallying support from your neighbors, friends or community-led organizations is a great way to start a garden in your back yard -- so to speak.
Urban communities often find patches of land to host community gardens, and invite participants to help plant, harvest and enjoy the produce -- and in turn incorporate the necessary fruits, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy into their diets.<
Here are some of the volunteer programs that may interest you:

1. Dog Coach - Socialize and spend quality time with the dogs. Work to increase adoptability of the dogs in and out of their cages.

2. Cat Care - Socialize and groom the cats, give them a break from the cage in the cat cuddle rooms. Help maintain care of cats by refreshing and replenishing cages.

3. STAR Dog Trainer - Work with more challenging dogs that need some specialized training to help them get adopted; learn about behavior modification and
Why Donate Blood?
A blood donation truly is a “gift of life” that a healthy individual can give to others in their community who are sick or injured. In one hour’s time, a person can donate one unit of blood that can be separated into four individual components that could help save multiple lives.

From one unit of blood, red blood cells can be extracted for use in trauma or surgical patients. Plasma, the liquid part of blood, is administered to patients with clotting problems. The third component of blood, platelets, clot