Swimming the 21-mile English Channel is considered the "Everest of open-water swimming." People who attempt to do this have to contend with cold, exhaustion and the stress of dodging sea traffic in one of the world's busiest shipping corridors.

Why is the English Channel the top open water swim and such a hard swim?
There are a lot of factors that combine to make the swim hard.
The English Channel is approximately -19 nautical miles (38000 yards) or 35 kilometres (35000 mtrs) - wide at its narrowest point (actually 18.2 nm
The primary goal of any beginner or intermediate student of karate is usually to attain the coveted black belt. The black belt represents technical excellence, high ethical standards and the ability of a student to endure a strict and rigorous training regimen. To those "in the know," people with black belts are seen as being more than just average practitioners. They are rightfully seen as being highly disciplined and skillful proponents of the art.

So what are the steps that any beginner can take now to ensure a successful path to
1.  Hold the padded strap with one hand while using your free DOMINANT hand (that’s the one you write with) in the air to balance.
2.  Move your legs forward and squeeze with your lower body.  Relax the upper body.
3.  Watch the head of the mechanical bull to indicate directional changes and maintain balance.  Do not smile at your friends when the bull is moving.  Just watch the head of the mechanical bull.
4. Lean back when the bull head moves down and forward when the bull head moves upward.  A good operator will giv
The practice of walking barefoot over beds of red-hot coals has evolved into a powerful tool for self-realization and empowerment. From its humble beginning 31 years ago, when Burkan first realized that firewalking could be used as a technique for personal growth and began teaching it to others, the firewalking movement has grown to the point that even the President of the United States has sought the experience. Firewalking today is known as a tool for personal empowerment, touching a new culture from small spiritual groups to corporate confer
Handbrake turns are frequently used in rally driving to negotiate tight, lower speed corners and can be useful in a variety of low speed maneuvers and stunts. This method of turning tight corners relies on the fact that handbrake usually operate on the rear wheels, which lock when it's pulled on hard. This allows a slide to be induced and a tighter radius or corner will be completed. Note that this method of taking a bend will only be quicker than the conventional racing line if the corner is very tight. Handbrake turns are also a method of ind
Fast Facts:
- Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia, is also the highest mountain in the Caucasus Range in southern Russia near the border with Georgia. Mount Elbrus with 15,554 feet (4,741 meters) of prominence is the tenth most prominent mountain in the world.
- Mount Elbrus is one of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. It is also, after Mount Kosciuszko in Australia andKilimanjaro in Africa, one of the easiest of the Seven Summits.

- Mount Elbrus lies on the geographica
The quest to climb the highest mountain on each continent has captured
the imagination of climbers throughout the world
The Seven Summits offer a fantastic challenge, with each mountain giving a unique experience. Together they provide an excuse to travel and climb in every corner of the globe.

Climbing the Seven Summits is a huge commitment that requires large amounts of dedication, training, time, and money. It requires that you make climbing a priority and, often, put it above other financial, time, or familial commitmen
A front tuck is a flipping, aerial skill done in a tucked body position, with your knees pulled tightly into your chest. Gymnasts and cheerleaders typically do this skills as a punch front tuck with a running start and a punch, or two-footed jump, to gain power for the skill. However, after solidly mastering a front tuck from a running start, you can begin to work on a standing front tuck, which requires you to get all your height from just your leg muscles.

Step 1
Stand with your arms above
Cliff diving from any height can't be called safe -- it's one of the most dangerous extreme sports. In fact, official tourism sites of popular cliff diving destinations don't promote the activity.

Cliff diving puts tremendous stresses on your body. If you jump from 20 feet (6 meters) above the water, you'll hit the water at 25 mph (40 kph) -- the impact is strong enough to compress your spine, break bones or give you a concussion. But that's only if you enter feet-first in a straight, vertical line -- a horizontal, or "pancake," land
Mud is part of the backcountry challenge. Expect it. Wear waterproof boots and gaiters to protect your feet from mud and water. Hike through it. It is not that difficult. Use a stick, walking staff or trek pole/poles to help gauge the depth of the mud and to help you with balance.