This is a great way to do a backflip in water. You CAN do this, but it needs some practice and supervision with you.

1. Go to the end of the diving board.

2. Have your back face the water

3. Put your feet half-way off the edge of the diving board.

4. Take a very deep breath!

5. Bend your knees, put your arms forward, jump!

6. Do not arch your back backwards as far as it will go, as this will result in your head hitting the board. Keep your back straight and your head neutra
How do i train to be able to slam dunk?
Increase your vertical leap. You will need the lifting power of your legs to get you in the air and up to the basket. Plyometrics are the best (and often fastest) ways to get results. Doing squats, or if you don't have weights, wall sits, also help you gain those inches. Something that also helps is having strong abdominal muscles(Abdominals have little or no effect on jumping. They are stabilizers and do not help with movement). Increasing your height will take time, though, so stick with it.
If you're ever in South Africa and would like to do something different, try riding an ostrich. It can be a fun and exciting activity, assuming you're up for the challenge.

Riding an ostrich takes a lot of skill but amateurs are welcome to try their luck in Oudtshoorn, in the Karoo. Ostrich farms abound in this semi-desert area of South Africa, there are hundreds of them. Oudtshoorn is the place to master riding this ungainly but strangely attractive, non-flying bird. If you're feeling very confident, there are regular races to be
The rappelling part can be terrifying but once you're at the bottom of the cave--it's amazing! It felt like you're in another planet!
The world’s highest Tennis court stands atop the fourth highest and the only 7 stars hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The tennis court is circular in shape ,and also doubles as a helipad, hovering 1000 feet above the Arabian gulf.
In preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, On February 22, 2005, the Burj al Arab hosted Andre Agassi and Roger Federer to play a match on their helipad tennis court before heading to the $1 million championship. The tennis legends couldn’t resist the temptation to have a friendly ‘hit
10 places to swim with whale sharks
1. Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador
When: May - October; best month is July
Skill: Depends on the dive but strong currents make this region unsuitable for beginners
Do it: Aqua-Firma,Academy Bay Diving, Galextur, Scuba Galapagos

2. Ari and Baa Atolls, Maldives
When: May - December on the western side; December - April on the eastern side
Skill: Beginner to experienced; no SCUBA required
Do it: Maldives Dive Travel

3. Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Outstanding coral reefs and clear waters have made the Cayman Islands one of the world's leading scuba diving destinations .

The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory  in the western Caribbean Sea, and is made up of the islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The warm, calm waters, 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting logbook entries.  Each island offers very different diving adventures for divers of all levels-from novice to Nitrox and Tec diving.
The underwater world in Belize is spectacular. It boasts the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. But when you take into consideration that the Australian Barrier Reef, the largest in the world, is mostly dead, that leaves Belize's reef as the largest living Barrier Reef in the world. Whether you are scuba diving or snorkeling, you will be amazed at the profusion of color and life that you will find. The water is always warm and the visibility is outstanding.

Belize’s coastline is rich in marine life and variety of habitats,
A cruiser bicycle, also known as a beach cruiser, is a bicycle which combines balloon tires, an upright seating posture, a single-speed drivetrain, and straightforward steel construction with expressive styling. Cruisers are popular amongst casual bicyclists and vacationers because they are very stable and easy to ride, but their heavy weight and fat tires tend to make them rather slow. They are associated with the larger category of hybrid bicycles.

The bikes, noted for their durability and heavy weight, were the most popul
Demolition derby is a motorsport usually presented at county fairs and festivals. While rules vary from event to event, the typical demolition derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. The last driver whose vehicle is still operational is awarded the victory.

Demolition derbies originated in the United States and quickly spread to other western nations. In Europe, this type of event is called banger racing, although in a demolition derby, racers do not race ag