Imagine a hybrid journey consisting of rapeling and rock climbing through river carved tunnels and over waterfalls. Yes, you’re going to get wet, so don’t even think about this if you have a fear of messing up your hair. This sport is getting more and more popular every year as equipment becomes safer and easier to acquire. While there are places for the novice, this is not a sport for the weak and some of the more difficult areas have minimum age requirements. Some countries even have restrictions for good reason, s
Originating from Paragliding, where mountain climbers used a steerable parachute to make their descent easier, people living far from mountainous areas thought of strapping a lawnmower engine with a propeller on their back to try and get airborne. And so some 25 years ago Paramotoring or PPG (powered paragliding) was born.

Originally with low performance gliders and heavy low efficiency engines, this beautiful sport has emerged from its childhood and is now available to be performed by almost anyone who has that pilot dream.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, known by the locals as San Fermin, is one of the wildest and craziest festivals in Europe.
The running of the bulls began as a way to move bulls from Pamplona's corral to its bullfighting ring. The animals would run the roughly half-mile stretch as children and adults herded them with shouts and sticks. The practice may date back as far as the 13th century, but it is known to have continued virtually uninterrupted since 1592, when the festival was moved from September to July. People are thought to have jo
For the ultimate in thrill-seeking excitement, the wing walking experience simply can't be beat. Strapped to the top wing of a vintage biplane, you'll be swept through the skies at speeds of up to 135mph! Wing walking is  the ride of a lifetime
Wing walking has its roots in the early days of aviation, when reckless daredevils wowed the crowds with stunning displays of boldness and bravery. Now you too can join the ranks of the select few who have taken to the skies in style and pushed their courage to new limits.
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An electrifying challenge! Thousands of competitors are burned bruised and zapped as they endure the annual Tough Guy race
- 5,000 competitors take on the eight-mile assault course through thick mud
- Racers risk being burnt, scratched and even electrocuted during challenge
- Thousands take on race each year, but up to a third never even make the finishing line
It's billed as the toughest race in the world, and it's not hard to see why when competitors face being burnt, scratched, bruised and even electrocuted.
But thou
Zap-Cat Racing is an extreme boating sport which is water-sport in which a boat (the Zap-Cat) is driven at very high speeds against its competitors in a bid to become the overall winner. Sounds pretty simple but when the waters are rough and the boat is going at a very speed the task is a little less than easy. This is an awesome sport and you can go see them race around the world.

- A Zapcat has a better power to weight ratio than a Ferrari Testarossa.
- Capable of handling extremely rough seas and large surf.
- A wave lar
Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is fast becoming one of the most popular watersports, especially in locations with flat conditions and beautiful scenery.
You don't need a killer set of waves to ride a stand up paddleboard: In fact, the gentle breaks in these 10 sunny locations are ideal for SUPing newbies and experts alike. Grab a paddle, a board—and hit the water.

1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Fantastic for both surfing and standup paddle boarding, Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu is legendary and with reason. If y
Enjoy the summer scenery and native wildlife as you float down the river, or get wet and wild as you navigate the rapids.

River tubing is an outdoor sport in which people ride innertubes or inflated disks down a river. Depending on the conditions at the river, tubing can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, or it can be an invigorating adventure. Many companies offer river tubing services to visitors who are interested, and it is also possible to purchase the necessary supplies for private tubing expeditions. On a gentle river, t
You can become a contestant on Survivor if you are fit, clever and know how to handle people effectively but along with these attributes you will also need to have quite an incredible commitment to traveling and living in the middle of nowhere for seven or more weeks. And about those cameras – how happy will you be to be to know you are being filmed twenty-four hours a day in some pretty embarrassing situations that will, later, be broadcast on national television?
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If you love fishing, if you love the great outdoors, the snow, the crisp, fresh air—ice fishing may very well surprise you with one of the best days you’ve had all winter.
As long as you use common sense, carry your fishing license with you at all times and follow all the rules applicable to the area you choose to fish, there’s no reason not to give ice fishing a go this winter.

Here are nine reasons to get out there.
1. You Don’t Need to Wait ‘Til Summer To Get Your Fish On
For true fishing enthusiasts, an